Everyday – [Monster Mike] [KISHIE]

Monster Mike has been making waves around Chicago’s underground hip-hop scene, and the rising rapper’s hustle already shows in the sheer volume of content he puts out. He’s also no stranger to our platform, and he returns today with his latest song, “Everyday”.

If you haven’t been acclimated to Mike’s sound yet, let this track be a perfect introduction. The most distinguishable weapon in Monster Mike’s arsenal—his booming, gravelly voice—really anchors this track, livening up the sparse trap production with raspy, monstrous delivery. Backing Mike’s cold bars is an eerily bright and melodic beat made by KISHIE—a producer whose name is also getting some heavy circulation among Chicago’s current underground heavyweights. A quick survey of KISHIE’s Soundcloud reveals a producer who’s finding his niche sonically with a disorienting combination of ambient synths and hard-hitting 808s making up the bulk of his recent beats. KISHIE’s style creates a unique pairing with Monster Mike’s heavy presence, and “Everyday” is an example of a rapper and producer in-sync in a refreshing, addictive form.

Listen below: