Everybody Eats – [MFnMelo]

As the clock winds down on an already impressive year for Chicago’s Pivot Gang, the group couldn’t let these final weeks pass without one more memorable release from within its ranks. Today, MFnMelo steps into the spotlight with his debut album, ‘Everybody Eats’. The first project from Melo since 2017’s ‘Melodramatics’ features help from the Chicago native’s close circle of local talents and offers up the most comprehensive catalog of Melo’s own talent yet.

Packed with Melo’s mix of personal narrative, sense of humor, and cunning wordplay, he distinguishes himself by putting his own authenticity at the fore of ‘Everybody Eats’. As a member of Pivot who’s worked relatively in the shadows up to this point, ‘Everybody Eats’ feels like a moment of transcendence into the light. He employs all the tools at his disposal with the polish of a seasoned veteran. He delivers melody on multiple hooks throughout the project while seamlessly transitions back to his weighty, definitive rapping that places emphasis on every syllable. Each lyric gets executed with its own burst of air as if he’s vying for a listener’s attention every second, and he holds a listener there with him the whole time through a sea of constantly shifting head-turning flows. Not to mention he sets the tone for the rest of his collaborators to punch at the same velocity, bringing out the best from Chicago favorites like Qari and Mick Jenkins and producers daedaePIVOT and Monte Booker who deliver some of their best verses and beats all year.

Listen to MFnMelo’s debut album ‘Everybody Eats’ below: