Speaking as someone who’s music taste was built on Virginia and North Carolina hip-hop, I tend to have a greater appreciation for the rising talent coming out of the two east coast states. Anyone with ears knows that there’s no shortage of talent blossoming out of Virginia and North Carolina which has become increasingly more apparent over the years as both states have solidified themselves as breeding grounds for the present and future generations of music. One exciting new artist who is really intriguing me at the moment out of the Tar Heel state is none other than Charlotte’s, Ahmir. A member of the Charlotte collective, KILLSWITCH, along with his fellow childhood friends and artists MESSIAH!, MAVI, and Sco, Ahmir has had a come up fostered by community and consistent releases over a long period of time and it’s about to start paying off in a big way. 

A true wordsmith, Ahmir dropped off his new EP, “EVERY DAY IT RAINS”, just yesterday and this one has already found itself as a priority within my rotation and it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet. Sometimes you’ve got to sit with a record and slowly dive in to see if you resonate with it, but when I heard “EVERY DAY IT RAINS” for the first time, there was no second guessing needed – I could immediately tell how talented Ahmir was with just a quick glimpse into his discography and this new project. A 5-song EP that highlights the all-encompassing world that Ahmir is building, “EVERY DAY IT RAINS” screams North Carolina hip-hop to the bone and I absolutely love it. Reminiscent of some of my all-time favorites like J. Cole and Saba, Ahmir shines with exemplary flows, a memorable vocal tone, and really strong beat selection. While about as thorough as it can be in terms of quality from top to bottom, my top 3 records on this masterpiece were “HEAVY (HOWUPLAYIT)”, “M.I.T.M”, and “Canvas”, and there’s nothing that anyone can do or tell me to change my mind about how special these songs are. Ahmir’s smooth delivery and sample-heavy beats certainly laid the foundation for a timeless project that I plan on spinning back for quite some time to come, so if you aren’t already tapped in with what he’s got going on, now is a good time to do so!