Ever Wonder Who Max Is?

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Ever wonder who Max is?

Us too, so we got to know him a bit better; Max isn’t your average teenage boy, he’s also not your average teenage rapper.  With living in the city, Max Wonders has came across plenty of opportunity, and he continually uses it to his advantage – from shows to song features, Wonders has gotten his name out and well-known.  Are you curious as to when Max began making music, or maybe your curiosity point is when “The Wonder Tape” will be releasing? We’ve got it all here in our interview with Max below, check it out!

[First off – thank you for your time, very thrilled to be interviewing you. When did you begin making music and who are some influences of yours?]

 It’s no problem. Um, funny part about it was, I’ve been making music since age 6. But not in the way people would expect. I played the violin. Actually been taking it up as of late, lightly, though. My great grandma has always been a master pianist, so she influenced me heavily. She traveled doing that. I started messing around with rap at age, 10, I believe. I sucked, (laughs). My influences are (in no particular order): MF Doom, Mos Def, Common, Eminem, Stevie (Wonder), NWA, Wu Tang Clan, Tribe Called Quest, early Kanye West, Purity Ring, Kid Cudi, etc.. I mean the list could go on and I know I’m leaving some people out that are really important but that’s off the top.

[I have noticed you have a very artsy side to you, from making your own clothes, directing your own videos, to dope photography and editing. Can you speak on that a bit?]

I wouldn’t even call it an “artsy side”, it’s just me, being me. But yeah, I’ve always had an interest in the visual aspect of everything. Since that’s the most enhancing sense we have along with sonic art. So from the directing of visuals, which expands past music videos, –actually have some short films in the works now– to the clothing, everything is sensational to your sight.

 [Over this past year you have released a lot music, when can we expect a full tape and what will it consist of?]

Well I dropped “Complicated Simplicity” in April, got good feedback from that. But, my next full length project, “The Wonder Tape“, will be released in 2014, hopefully before June, I can tell you that. It will consist of music that you can ride around at 3am listening to. Music you play at a party, and music that kid riding the bus to and from school can listen to. It’s my story, unique to me, but adaptable to many. So I want people to feel that. I’m working hard on it. Actually since June. So I’m excited. Much more to do, but working hard. It’s gonna be like a film.

[I saw that you performed at that ProbCause & Caleb James show a few weeks back; how did that go and how did you prepare yourself before performing?]

That was hot, man. Good vibes, performed an unreleased song from the tape. The next one will be better, though. I really was reciting my verses back to back everyday, breathing, and working on my stage movement, and crowd work. It was nice.

 [What has been the craziest experience thus far of your rapping career?]

Uhhh, being on The Source Magazine‘s website, and being on stage with Lil B‘ I think, like the whole artist treatment at Pitchfork was great (laughs).

[Lastly, where will thee Max Wonders be in 5 years?]

Creating all different kinds of things for the enjoyment of the world. Doing what I love. There’s nothing else I want to do. I assure you of that.