Euphoria – [BabyTron]

BabyTron is an absolute star in every sense of the word, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon let alone a measly old music writer like me to tell you this fact. He saw the movement that was going on in his home state of Michigan and took it one step further because even with so many unique personalities roaming the northern state, he seems to stand out from the rest. At first, I couldn’t tell if Tron was more of a meme than a musician before I actually listened, but the second I tuned in to some of his music, I knew he was the real deal, and he meant absolute business.

Sure, he might not have the exact look of a typical Detroit emcee, but he embodies everything that the Detroit rap movement stands for, and his lyricism could truly go toe to toe with any of the best spitters in the game right now. Beyond this, he utilizes some of the bounciest, most hype instrumentals while keeping such a velvety smooth demeanor, and this makes him stand out even more than the rest, at least in my own opinion.

Of course, I was beyond hyped to find out that he was included on this year’s Summer Smash lineup, which you need to get tickets for if you haven’t already for some reason, and ever since I found this out, I haven’t missed out on a single release from the constantly grinding spitter. So, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about his latest Helluva-produced record “Euphoria” and the Super Cy-directed music video for this hit.

While a lot of his visuals typically stick to the basics and let the song do the talking, this one gets a little more eventful considering he shows some clips of himself performing in front of insane audiences, hitting up stores to buy them out, and other tour stops that seem to get rowdier as time goes on. BabyTron is only going to continue to grow as an artist, and I couldn’t be more excited to see his advancements in this industry, so make sure you don’t sleep on this brand-new music video whatsoever.