ETP – [E the profit]

Time and time again, Kentucky’s E the profit has proven why he’s worthy of our full and undivided attention, so let’s take a minute today to put some respect on this man’s name. After initially getting put on to E back in 2021 when he released his “E for Effortless” album, it’s crazy to think that almost two years has passed since I first added records like “Bluegrass” and “Money Calling” to my rotation. Alas, the passage of time shows no remorse and here we are all this time later and E the profit has still never failed us – not even once. Continuing on that streak of excellence, just last month E blessed us with yet another exquisite body of work, marking his first project release of the year entitled, “ETP”. 

In the 4-song EP, we hear E link up with frequent collaborator and producer, Rocco Roy, to make one of E’s most cool, calm, and collected offerings to date. A bit more reserved with respect to his energy in comparison to most of the more up-tempo records we’ve heard from E in the past, instead in “ETP” we hear E slice up the beat with calculated bars and a confident swagger that’ll digress any haters from opening their mouths. A personal favorite of mine from recent months, “Shut Up”, seems to stand out amongst the overall project, but there’s no shortage of heat between “Interstate”, “Notice Me”, and “S.M.P.” either, making for an incredibly well-rounded and convincing project for any hip-hop heads looking for new music to soundtrack their summer to.