Errbody – [Lil Baby]

Arguably the artist of the year based on consistency, Lil Baby releases yet another hit single titled “Errbody.” Accompanied by a stunning Call of Duty: Warzone esque visual, the Atlanta, Georgia rapper makes himself clear that he’s well aware of the ridiculous run he’s had in 2020. Proclaiming himself as the flyest, Baby paradoxically expresses his distaste for fame to create a fine line between glorification and merit. Baby even goes as far to suggest that his music label likely owes him a check for his overperformance based on industry standard(s). Sonically the record picks right off from the rapper’s highest-selling & streaming album My Turn, as Baby unleashes a rapid breathless flow that can’t be replicated. Yesterday also marked Lil Baby’s 26th birthday, which puts into perspective how much the young artist has already accomplished in his relatively fresh rap career. Not to mention, the Forbes 30 Under 30 list recently came out, which Lil Baby naturally netted a spot on in the music category. Whether it be Lil Baby’s aforementioned double platinum LP, his social commentary on “The Bigger Picture,” or the countless features he’s blessed other artists with, no one can deny his influence. Baby admittedly was my number one artist (streamed) in 2020 according to Spotify’s ‘2020 Wrapped,’ and as previously stated, I cannot envision his trajectory coming to a halt anytime soon. However, as it applies to any major artist, it’s completely understandable if someone simply can’t buy into the hype. Perhaps you’re not a fan of Lil Baby’s Auto-Tune usage or the production he raps over; maybe his music doesn’t suit your personal preferences. No matter the case, it’s indisputable that Lil Baby earned every part of his success, which can be celebrated regardless of one’s stance. Peep the music video for “Errbody,” directed by Edgar Esteves, Daps and Christian Breslauer below!