ericdoa – ‘kickstand’

Among the voices that emerged out of the pandemic’s prolific “hyperpop” wave, ericdoa was — and still is  one of the most tantalizing.

Following a collaboration tape, Then I’ll Be Happy, with glaive in 2021, touring internationally with The Kid LAROI, a placement on HBO’s blockbuster series Euphoria (“sad4whattt“) and his last full-length effort, things with wings, Eric’s latest single “kickstand” (Sept. 22) acts as the grandiose precursor for his upcoming album, D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival). 

While two years removed from his viral hit “fantasize” (and its grail SoundCloud mix), the 21-year-old enigma is a wealth of talent and genre-less intent evident on the mesmerizing “kickstand.” Draped over whirly keys and shuttering, synth organs that sound straight out of a video game, Eric paints a vivid, lusty and flex-filled narrative behind the comparable “BNYX-Yeat type beat.” However, he makes it all his own.

The Los Angeles-based artist’s ability to blur rapping and singing has always been apparent in his work — lending depth and versatility to not only the track, but his artistry as a whole. “Hit me like a kickstand with your pitch, man — never heard one song, but you’re still a big fan,” he tears off, elevating the track’s quirky, fleeting production with a high-pitched hook and low-flowing bars. “She wanna stay for the night / But I think that she gotta go / I end up changing my mind / I’d be stupid for sending you home.” 

The visual for “kickstand” is equally as entrancing, intertwining elements reminiscent of dramatic indie films with the slickness of cinema. Directed by Neve Films, scenes of Eric petting “Bambi” at a treehouse soaked in sunlight are contrasted with brooding colorizations of quick-cut cam captures and a church confession. It’s as enticing as it is authentic making way for Eric’s personality to shine fully. Most writers would use the term “catchy” for a first-listen description, but “kickstand” stands out by being utterly charismatic indicative of Eric’s alt-pop allure.

Alongside the release of “kickstand” and D.O.A.‘s reveal, the singer-rapper also announced his upcoming “Dead On Arrival Tour.” The 25-date trek kicks off on Jan. 25, 2024 in San Diego and will make stops in Austin, Atlanta, Washington DC and New York City, among others, before wrapping in Los Angeles. Tickets will be available for purchase on Friday (Sept 29) here.

Check out “Kickstand” below!