equivalent exchange-[last minute customer]

If you pay attention to my writing, then you know know that there’s a special place in my heart for all things South Florida. Ever since I started writing for Lyrical Lemonade, it seemed like I was consistently stumbling on talent from this creative hub. For a while, I’m pretty sure every other article I wrote was about someone from this area which is just a testament to the immense talent that these up and comers possess!

Today I have a special treat for everyone, as I stumbled on yet another artist from this community who is bound to turn some heads and inspire others in the process. Some of my favorite artists are those who live for something more than themselves. I’m a firm believer that our lives are meant to serve a greater purpose other than ourselves and when you come across song makers who understand that, it’s truly a blessing to say the least.

last minute customer aka, Lily is a gem through and through. Inspired by her unique upbringing and family life, she has allowed a lot of her experience and perspective to shape her into the beautiful free thinking mind that she is while still holding on to the convictions and beliefs that she stands firm in. With a heart to serve others through her art, the up and comer arrives on our page today for the release of her brand new song called, “equivalent exchange”. The work of art is truly beauty at its finest as she showcases her beautiful voice and unique tone. The lyrical content is really what stands out as she pours her heart out in this verses in a catchy yet powerful way.

I love this girl and I’m so hype for everything she’s going to do in this industry. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!