Ephorize – [cupcakKe]

Say what you want to about cupcakKe. At 20 years old, the Chicago born-and-raised rapper has skyrocketed to a position as one of the city’s biggest emerging talents. She’s gotten to this spot by speaking to an entire audience that conventionally doesn’t get addressed in hip-hop, and she’s built a name off of shockingly sexual, tongue-in-cheek style rap. With this reputation preceding her, cupcakKe presents her latest LP, “Ephorize.”

Over 15 tracks with no features, CakKe raps over a mix of beats with influences ranging from trap, EDM and dancehall. The majority of the album offers more of what cupcakKe is known for, with dance inducing, vulgar club-bangers like standout single “Cartoons” filling up the bulk of the tracklist. But underneath the laughable double entendres are the barebones of a solid emcee, as she switches her flows up seamlessly over beat changes and comes through with unstoppable conviction. She sounds just as at home on more introspective cuts like “Self Interview,” spitting lines about gender double-standards in the same demeanor as when she’s rapping about counting her money. Nothing matters more in rap right now than raw energy, and cupcakKe continues to demonstrate that she has an endless, and at times exhausting, supply of it. Sprinkled throughout “Ephorize,” she brings a little more depth to the table than we’ve gotten to hear from her in the past. By mixing this introspectiveness with the sex positivity that put her on the map, cupcakKe’s name grows with this LP.