Enter the Infantry, Vol. 2 – [Marino Infantry]

A$AP Ant (a.k.a. YG ADDIE) has been back on the road with his Marino Infantry team as his at this point iconic clothing and skate brand that has graced the shoulders of many of both music and skateboarding’s brightest shining stars for a series of pop-up shops offering a rare in-person experience with a brand whose appearance is ubiquitous and one of the most instantly recognizable clothing companies in street/skatewear today. Ant has been in the spotlight nearly a decade now as he and his fellow A$AP members unquestionably owned the 2010’s, but it was later in that decade when he began to find himself and his sound, reverting back to the sonic stylings of his native-DMV, which made sense as he was born in Maryland while the rest of the A$AP Mob was from New York.

His adjustment to the DMV-cadences proved to be a great switch especially given his Baltimore accent and syncopated flow, in addition to his large bank of sports and pop-culture references that helps make every time he punches in memorable. For the past several months now, he and the Marino Infantry squad have hit the road from coast to coast, hitting ten-plus cities and counting, even with some promised repeat appearances, for pop-up shops filled with their latest clothing drop which featured twenty-five different t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and even three new skate decks, all of which ended up selling out in convincing fashion, complete lines wrapping around the block in so many different places from coast-to-coast. This massive in-person success was a testament to the true motion that the group possesses and proves that their movement is not just exclusive to the DMV-area or internet. As Addie matures more as an artist and businessman he has begun to curate a label himself as Marino Infantry is transforming from an iconic brand to a team of artists now, featuring Baby 9eno, LuLu P, and Soduh whose chemistry is obvious both on the beat and in their personal lives.

Over the past year-plus the Marino team has been crafting this project, carefully curating the features and assembling the massive thirty-one song tracklist that includes guest appearances from many underground favorites, ranging from Chavo, Tae Dawg, K$upreme, 24LeftEye, Four50, and Lil Gray, as well as many other DMV-based artists and even Ant’s A$AP brethren A$AP Twelvyy who makes three separate guest-spots. While many producers contributed, the bulk of the production work went to the Maryland-based trio of Sparkheem, Spizzledoe, and MannyVelli who have held down most of their region in terms of beatmaking, engineering, and even as far as ensuring release strategies for the artists they work with who don’t always know what to do with their creations, and their respective contributions could not be understated. LordFubu also supplied a large number of instrumentals on this project and he is another longtime collaborator of A$AP Ant who has a tremendous chemistry with him at this point. Dedicated students of nostalgia, the Marino team decided to tap a DJ to host the project in true throwback fashion, receiving the help of DJ Nick who is one of several individuals to help reinvent the idea of what a DJ actually is throughout the internet era and was a perfect choice to host the project. Also as you likely noticed, the cover art is a tribute to DMX and his life and legacy, riffing off of the Ruff Ryders: Ryde or Die, Vol. 1 artwork. Every member of Marino Infantry has a unique story to tell and everybody plays their part, contributing equally, pushing their music and their fashion every step of the way.