Enough For Us – [The WDK]

While I mainly seem to focus on music made in America just because that’s what I’m used to, there are so many other regions of the world that are inventive and talented, and they deserve a light shined on them just as much as US music does. I often find myself checking out the Grime scene in the UK, but music in Europe spans much further than there. No matter where you might look, there are new talents growing their fanbases due to various different reasons, but I feel like with the new internet age of music, originality and inventiveness go such a long way when catching someone’s ear and drawing them in.

Most recently, the homie put me onto The WDK, a DJ/producer duo from Italy who are definitely on the cutting edge of imagination and creativity. In their bio, it says they make music that tries to mix electronic and acoustic elements together, and the results are pretty wild. While this might not be the genre of music I typically find myself gravitating towards, I can’t help but tip my cap to them for truly thinking outside of the box and coming up with music that is different than anything else I could imagine myself.

On their most recent single “Enough For Us”, they utilize some adventurous synths, smooth, soothing guitars, a calming bassline, and some subdued, relaxed percussive elements that all combine with one another to form a sound that almost makes me feel like I’m going on some sort of expedition. Although it’s difficult to notice certain electronic elements right off the bat, these things become clear as you continue listening considering there are some buildups and drops leading us into the hook that definitely send the positivity and good vibes straight in your direction.

There is also a man singing throughout this record and considering I don’t know much about this tag team, I’m not sure if it’s the two producers singing or if they have a feature, but I’m assuming it’s them considering there are no other artists tagged. If it is either or both of them, they do an absolutely unbelievable job of hitting every single note effortlessly while still coupling with the production absolutely seamlessly. It seems as if certain EDM songs can have trouble mixing vocals with the beat and in order to not allow one element to take precedent over the other, but The WDK did an unbelievable job of making sure both parts of the song meshed perfectly and this led to an amazing single without a doubt.

Obviously, this dynamic duo is doing something right considering they have amassed over 40 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify from all over the world, and their global reach is only going to help them connect with more fanbases in a plethora of different regions. Whether they’re speaking your native language or not, there is this vibe, emotion, and power behind their vocals as well as the production itself that can connect to anyone regardless of their geographical location, so I have no doubt in my mind that The WDK is going to continue growing and succeeding. Whether you’re familiar with them or not, make sure you tune into the most recent offering from the Italian production duo entitled “Enough For Us”.