Enough – [charlieonnafrriday]

Seattle has been a pretty under-the-radar music destination ever since I can remember, but that doesn’t mean these artists don’t deserve the well-deserved recognition they’ve been accumulating. I mean, over the last couple of years, it seems like more and more listeners are finally starting to catch onto the talents that these musicians have. Even with this spotlight on them, I find myself hearing about so many different emcees that really prove how diverse and apt this region of the county is.

Although there are plenty of musicians that deserve credit, charlieonnafriday is the most recent addition to my radar, and that doesn’t come with any doubts in my mind about his potential. He released his track “After Hours” last February which was included on his April project ONNAFRIDAY, and this record has amassed over 75 million global streams, so it’s clear that he is onto something, and his fanbase is growing by the day.

To follow up this project, charlie is back with a brand-new single entitled “Enough”, a pretty powerful single that really shows his command and skillset in a way that made me excited to know about him as he continues to grow his career. With production by Tyler Dopps and Diamond Pistols, there are quieter, more tender moments that ultimately lead up to giant drops and powerful areas throughout.

In turn, charlie leaves everything out on the table, showcasing his genuinely meaningful voice in a way that can be delivered a bit softer or with more conviction when necessary, getting his point across when he needs to in order to fit the energy of the instrumental seamlessly. With a narrative discussing the end of a relationship charlie was in that he is no longer as invested in, this is clearly more than enough to connect with fans, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has another multi-million play track on his hands with “Enough”.