Enemies – [Jay Squared]

Detroit rapper, Jay Squared just released his new hazy single, “Enemies.” The single begins softly, as a space-themed set of keys begins the low register track until an inevitable crescendo kicks in the bass giving way to Squared’s equally hypnotizing vocals. The lyrically dense rapper appears to breeze his way through the smokey production, manufactured by Alabama producer Meltycanon. Weaving between elongated chorus’ and rapid spurts of lyrical construction, Jay Squared shows an impressive ability as an artist, and the chemistry between producer and rapper here is incredible, to say the least.

The skill of its collaboration only furthers the rumblings of an upcoming collaborative project between the two, as Meltycanon is expected to be behind three of Squared’s tracks from his upcoming project, Squaredboy, tentatively set to release in April. If you’re feeling the new single from Jay Squared make sure to show him some love on Twitter and Instagram.