Enemies – [Brendan Bennett] x [Sling] x [André DeSaint]

Brendan Bennett’s no stranger to infectiously catchy songs, and the songwriter’s latest collaboration with artists Sling and André DeSaint is no exception. “Enemies” brings the addictive pop-infused melodic rap sound that’s been heating up the Florida music scene as of late, and this track proves that this trio of local talent are each pioneers of that wave in their own rights. 

“Enemies” exemplifies a carefully calculated balance of lyrical content and hit-making potential, demonstrating that one doesn’t necessarily need to be sacrificed for the other. In fact, it seems all three of these artists excel when they’re able to do both. Bennett, Sling, and DeSaint all leave their own mark on the song with memorable, vengeful verses aimed at anyone trying to get in the way of their success. Sling’s energetic and animated hook brings the song full circle, delivering a melody that’s bound to get stuck in listeners’ heads.