Ending Song – [Heavn]

Heavn is an 18-year artist from Rochester, New York that’s been making waves in the underground community over the past couple of years. Today he’s making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his new single entitled “ending song.” If Heavn’s name may come up as a familiar name if you follow the hyperpop space that’s because you’ve seen him on Midwxst and Kurtains’ projects. However, this record has far from anything that falls in the hyperpop space and leans more into indie rock. This is because Heavn is one of the more versatile teenagers coming up as far as what he can do musically. After spending about an hour with him on zoom he revealed to me that he can play both electric and acoustic guitar, and drums, and he’s currently learning how to play the piano. With him graduating high school this summer I believe Heavn is going to end up taking off as he ends up dedicating more time towards polishing his music.

Stream Heavn’s new single “ending song” for yourself after the break.