Empathy – [Sylvan LaCue] ft. [BJRNCK]

Ever since the release of his critically-acclaimed album, Apologies In Advance, Sylvan LaCue has started to become recognized as one of rap’s most talented young minds and lyricists, and rightfully so. LaCue’s artistry stretches far beyond his years, and by creating music that will undoubtedly withstand the test of time, he’s ready to take over in 2018 and deliver more timeless material. Here enters the new music video for the BJRNCK-featured track “Empathy”, directed by Jonathan Benavente and Nick Mahar. Taking a therapeutic approach as LaCue confides in various people with his inner struggles, the illustrative visuals show fans the process that the rising talent takes to clear his head and make peace with his situations from the barber shop to the therapist’s office. “Empathy” was a dope song as is, but now translated to the big screen, it breathes new life into a standout release in every way. Be sure to check out the latest from LaCue’s corner below and give him a follow on Twitter here!