Emergency – [Rawska] ft. [Brennan Savage] [Coldhart]

It seems as though every day I find a new song or artist to fall in love with on SoundCloud, and today, this arrives in the form of Rawska and his latest offering — a new single entitled “Emergency” alongside none other than Brennan Savage and Coldhart. Produced by Fish Narc, this track brings forth quite the cast of talented characters, and sure enough, the song lives up to the names behind its creation with a wonderfully illustrative sonic direction. Emotion bleeds out of the acoustic guitar riffs and leaks into the vocals of each of the rising talents, and together, they’re able to paint pictures of genuine feeling that few artists are able to create in such a skillful way. “Emergency” is proof that Rawska, Brennan Savage, Coldhart, and Fish Narc are all must-know artists, so show some love and click play at the link provided below!