Embrace – [VALENTINE] x [Rob Araujo] feat. [patches]

Currently, in the midst of a rollout for his debut concept album Falling, VALENTINE returns with the third episode. Presented by Majestic Casual Records, the project showcases VALENTINE’s progression and evolution as an artist. On Embrace, VALENTINE makes his stunning debut as a vocalist.

Embrace boasts jazzy tones that enlist the help of pianist Rob Araujo to create a truly unique landscape. The wildly creative music video offers a perfect visual pairing to showcase Valentine’s introduction into the world of providing his own vocals on his production. Featuring a pair of verses from rapper patches, the direction of this track is completely new- a refreshing look into the boundless creative avenues that VALENTINE has in his arsenal. I absolutely love when artists push boundaries by taking fearless risks. By entering a relatively new landscape of hip-hop, VALENTINE’S risk-taking pays off big with Embrace.

Enjoy the track below and be sure to stay tuned to the Falling album rollout. Watch this space for more experimental sounds from VALENTINE.