Eloise-[Peter McPoland]

When I first heard Peter McPoland’s voice, I knew there was something special going on with this up and comer. The young singer/songwriter/producer has come across my radar many times before for notable songs like, “Romeo & Juliet” and “I Love You Too”; At first listen, it’s very evident that he has talent but after diving deeper into his discography, I realized that there is some undeniable star potential waiting to be unearthed. For a while, I had to spend time rotating throughout his older releases, but today, that changes as the 20-year-old released a song that is nothing short of brilliant.

Peter McPoland is making an appearance on Lyrical Lemonade this morning for his newest song called, “Eloise”; An offering that will be stuck in your head as soon as you press play. If you’re active on Tik-Tok, then you’ve probably heard him teasing snippets of the track to his following which has proven to pay off in every way as it has amassed over 220,000 views and 85,000 likes in a few days. All of this built up excitement has resulted in a stellar showing for Peter’s first release of 2021 and will inevitably create momentum for the rest of the year.

“Eloise” is an upbeat, guitar driven ballad that will have you singing along as soon as you memorize a couple of the lyrics. Written entirely by Peter himself, the 3 minute song is the perfect representation of his youthful energy yet lyrical maturity and storytelling. By the time you’re done listening to this one, you’ll be singing to your very own Eloise with the same passion and conviction that Peter does, which is just a testament to the song itself. I can’t wait for you all to listen. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so check it out and let us know what you think ASAP!