Elbow- [Warhol.ss]

Few artists make it back on Lyrical Lemonade time and time again quite like Warhol.ss. He has constantly evolved as an artist, experimenting with different sounds and switching his voice up in such a new, dynamic way over the past few years that he always sounds fresh and innovative. As he has progressed sonically, he has also made connections with some of the biggest names in the underground, getting recruited for his talents to be featured on songs and even featuring some of those artists in his own offerings as well. While his gritty, aggressive style is what drew me in initially, it’s his constant progression and testing out new sounds that have kept me intrigued and curious about what he’s going to create next.

With the announcement that he’s going to be releasing a new song every week for the next two months, “Elbow” is his latest and greatest track. Erratic chimes, trap percussion, and out of the box instruments set a foundation for Warhol.ss to test out a new sound yet again. Considering the production on this song is a bit lighter and more fun than his other more assertive offerings, he decided to follow suit and deliver a lighthearted style that is reminiscent of certain other under annunciating ramblers in the industry. It almost sounds like he’s using the beat as a vehicle to push his words along, utilizing the rhythm in a perfectly patient way that never waivers or hesitates. His cadence rotates a few times as the song progresses, but he consistently seems to accent certain syllables as he tiptoes right along with the instrumental. Although he’s somewhat upbeat to an extent, certain lines become a bit more insistent as the track moves along, adding what sounds like a bit of frustration to the otherwise relaxed bars. Despite the fact that some of the topics he discusses might be commonplace in Rap music, his bars about women, diamonds, money, designer clothing, and drugs are all carefully thought out and spoken in a myriad of different ways in order for them to stick out amongst the influx of other artists rapping about very similar things.

There’s a reason why Warhol.ss has stuck around in the underground music scene and never fell off in the slightest. His constant urge to push himself and make music that might be slightly out of his comfort zone is impressive, and I think that’s what keeps his fans appeased. Although his hard-hitting bangers have never failed to disappoint me throughout the many years I’ve been following the moves he’s been making, the fact that he can experiment and create songs that sound like a totally different artist brought them to life gives him the advantage of always gaining new fans while still being able to please his existing admirers. I was so excited when I found out he was going to be releasing a new song every week for the foreseeable future because I know this is going to be his time to put all of his skills on full display and test out even more of the new and inventive styles he has floating around in his always creative mind. While I have no idea what else Warhol.ss has in store with his upcoming offerings, I can tell you for a fact that “Elbow” is an incredible start to his weekly music series so it’s definitely worth a listen.