Eem Triplin: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Eem Triplin is a superstar, there is no denying it at this point. He went from being a superproducer who was providing beats to help create musical stars to stepping up to the plate and becoming a rising star himself, you can’t help but be happy + root for him. While he was recently in Chicago a few weeks ago, Eem Triplin came by the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters in Chicago for a brand new interview on our Lemonade Stand series. I asked Eem about many topics including growing up in Pennsylvania, being a fan of Chicago music as a teenager, attending Johnstown High School, his recent tour with Lucki, the success of “Awkward Freestyle”, the Kim Kardashian cover arts, his favorite Spongebob episode, artists that he wants to work with and much more. Much love to Eem for being an awesome human being, very excited to see what you accomplish from here!