EDEN – [MuddyMya]

Of all the upcoming music scenes in the US, very few are pushing the culture forward like Florida and Atlanta. With artists like Destroy Lonely, Cochise, and 454 paving the way for the next generation of plugg/regalia/cloud rap inspired rappers – the future of hip-hop is looking better than ever. MuddyMya is a perfect example of this, and luckily this week she returns to us with her newest EP EDEN – the follow-up to 2021’s MUDDYWORLD. The last time we saw Mya, we were celebrating the release of her single “i see you!” – a hazy and hypnotic banger packed with futuristic energy so infectious that it was hard not to list her as one of Atlanta’s most promising new artists. EDEN carries this momentum perfectly with a small colelction of 5 tracks that if nothing else, put MuddyMya’s name on 2022. Between her washed-out vocal layers, spacious production, and hard-hitting verses that alternate between melodic (“PEACH SPRITE”) and borderline ambient (“WAIT4U”) at a moment’s notice – MuddyMya’s forward-thinking musical talents have made her an artist that needs to be on your radar this year. Last time I asked if we would see an album from MuddyMya this year, and with an EP out before 2022’s halfway point – I’m considering everything that drops after this to be the cherry on top of an already-successful year. If you’re into regalia beats and exciting new artists that aren’t afraid to push modern music’s boundaries, then MuddyMya is a must-know artist, and EDEN should be considered required listening.