The internet has created a climate within the music community that takes away any geographical barriers that would have previously limited music lovers to only digesting music that came from artists who were mainly from their region, or the top class of global superstars whose music was able to transcend borders. However the dawn of social media and the ability to instantly share music to any corners of the earth has helped give fans access and insight into music scenes happening in countries happening hundreds and hundreds of miles away. Out of all of the new sub-genres and different niches that this new reality has led me to discovering, I must say that the hip-hop renaissance happening across the United Kingdom is easily the most intriguing to me. Out of the innumerable rappers from that side of the Atlantic, LOCAL GOON immediately captivated my attention months ago with his brash and boisterous single “IN HOUSE” that was an aggressive and thumping introduction to the talented MC. His latest creation is a visual for his infectious new track “ED EDD & EDDY” that continues to demonstrate the unbelievable energy and charisma that permeates from both his voice and the energy he brings to the video. I am really eager to continue to watch the development of LOCAL GOON across his home country and the internet alike.