Easy Does It – [E the Profit]

One of the biggest perks I find personally about being a music writer at an amazing company like Lyrical Lemonade is that I have the opportunity to find out about rising talents early on in their careers and watch them progress to new levels within their music-making endeavors. Sure, I have seen more than my fair share of emcees who I feel like have a hit on their hands while their career is still young and volatile and proverbially fumble the bag by not being able to follow up a strong showing or not being able to capitalize on their strengths.

One thing that I think separates these people from the musicians who are meant to be here is being able to learn, adapt, and build on various parts of their creative process to become versatile and adaptable in every possible way. One person who has done this better than most of the rappers that come to mind is Kentucky’s E the Profit. E was someone that impressed me early on with some of his first singles, but I have become a much bigger supporter as time went on thanks to the fact that he has never gotten complacent and seizes every opportunity he gets to prove his worth and display his talents as they continue to intensify.

While there are a plethora of tracks that pop up on my playlist regularly, I think one of his strongest efforts comes in the form of his latest single “Easy Does it” which comes equipped with a CreativeFlow-directed music video. The video is awesome as E roams the streets of Cincinnati with his crew, but the Rocco-produced instrumental had my attention from the moment it began. It seems to rotate in and out of a smooth, casual melody that abruptly collides with troublesome cowbells that add some mischief to the foundation.

In turn, E is on go mode as he rifles through various bars with ease, displaying a fairly consistent cadence that he is able to tweak ever so slightly from time to time to prove that this isn’t a singular flow at all, it’s something that proves his dexterity and inventiveness. “Easy Does It” is just the latest jam in a long lineage of all-out bangers from the up-and-coming hitmaker, but with such a strong showing time and time again for years on end, E the Profit is soon to make that sought-after leap into the next level of the hip-hop hierarchy.