East Atlanta Santa 3 – [Gucci Mane]

Christmas time is here yet again, and what would the season be without another anthem from Mr. Guwop himself? After dropping the iconic “St. Brick Intro” on his 2016 album The Return of East Atlanta Santa with the ever popular “trapping through the snow / selling nine half a bricks in four ways” line—his flip on the “Jingle Bells” Christmas tune, Gucci Mane has been delivering these Christmas-themed albums and mixtapes for years now. Although the holidays are a few days away, Gucci has been in a very giving mood ever since his release from prison. Celebrating his 100th project ever released this year, Gucci Mane has proved himself to be one of the hardest working and most consistent artists we have ever seen. Here we are with yet another release and third (technically fourth) installment of Christmas themed albums with East Atlanta Santa 3.

Having a career that spans across almost two decades now, it can be hard for many artists to be able to deliver within the same caliber of music that they have been delivering their whole career. However, Gucci Mane dares anybody to prove him otherwise, for he has been providing constant bangers and memorable projects for so many years now. Even if you want to only judge off of his projects released post-prison, he has been delivering nothing but fire—dropping ten full length albums since his release—and this album shows no different. With most of the production being handled by J White and Zaytoven, other production includes Metro Boomin, Murda Beats, Honorable C Note, and many more. Starting the album off right on theme, Gucci provides yet another rendition of the “Jingle Bells” tune, this time calling it “Jingle Bales”. His flip on the song is hilarious yet catchy and we expect none other than Gucci Mane do make a flip like this. “Jingle Bales, motherf**k 12, imma drop a bag on your head” he raps, while the reminiscent bells play in the background behind the chorus.

Gucci Mane has been proved to be unstoppable, and I can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring of him. Stream East Atlanta Santa 3 below!