Los Angeles’ E-Stro and Baby Goth blend genres with “Silhouette.”

As the journey to widen my listening horizons continues, I’ve stumbled upon a track that immediately brought me back to some of my first and favorite experiences with music. In the early 2000s, I would wake up to VH1 top 25 music countdown almost daily, and some of my favorite tracks, ones that are stamped in my library forever, came from groups and artists like Linkin Park, Evanescence, and Hailey Williams (Paramore). The energy I felt from those tracks is the same I felt when I heard E-Stro’s newest track “Silhouette,” featuring Baby Goth. Guitar riffs, infectious drums, omniscient sounds, and vocal layering provide for a well-rounded instrumental/beat produced by Cody Benjamin – and fantastic vocals just amplify the beautiful production throughout the song’s entirety. Baby Goth’s complementary addition to the track is phenomenal, adding not only an amazing voice and hook but also a charismatic energy that fits the song’s theme, which seemingly revolves around toxic relationships and their captivating essence.

E-Stro has already released one track, “Shut It Out,” off his upcoming album Hexxed, and it’s reception has been positive. Continuing to build momentum up to the album’s release,  “Silhouette” has the potential to really generate a buzz around the genre-bending artist and his new work.

It’s not always easy for me to step outside my comfort zone with listening habits, but I’m really glad I did in this case. Check out “Silhouette” below!