Providence’s Dvalor rounds up incredible talent to create a masterpiece in “Fallen Angels.”

“Fallen Angels” is the latest from New England-based producer Dvalor, who harnessed some incredible talents in Jurdan Bryant, Xiolynn, and RIVA, to make a collective masterpiece.

It’s always so intriguing to me when a collective group of artists can harness each of their best qualities to make a vision come to life, and that’s exactly the case with this joint. Providence’s Dvalor has had his fair share of success in production, so this phenomenally produced instrumental isn’t surprising. What was surprising, however, was the inclusion of professional saxophone player RIVA, whose musicianship offered an incredible feeling of depth and intricacy to the entire track. I could put this instrumental, without vocals, on loop and be pretty content.

Just as a clear-skied sunset provides an easy backdrop for a photographer to capitalize on, a flawless instrumental will do the same for any talented musician. So was the case with this track, as Jurdan Bryant and Xiolynn took their opportunity and absolutely killed it. The raw and unfiltered delivery of Jurdan Bryant might be one of my favorite styles of sound, which apparently I was not alone in, as he’s involved with the popular Spillage Village collective (JID and Earthgang). His soft-spoken, yet unrefined tone is one that fits perfectly over the beat, and he truly capitalized off a sound that was seemingly meant for him. Xiolynn wasn’t far behind, utilizing those powerful, angelic vocals to provide the perfect contrast to her predecessor on the track.

An introspective joint, “Fallen Angels” touches on inner struggles and self-acceptance, issues that both resonate with a large faction of listeners and also fit the ethereal energy it gives off.

I’ve had this song on repeat for the last 20-30 minutes as I’ve written this article, and I think I could go another hour without getting sick of it. A phenomenal display of artistry, this track fires on all cylinders. Stream it below!