Dutches – [E the Profit]

I love when an artist pushes the limit and does something new, whether that’s musically, visually, or in any other limit-pushing manner. While I still don’t know an extensive amount about the Kentucky emcee, I have been listening since last year, and I have yet to be let down by one of his releases, so that’s a promising sign in and of itself. He just has this silky quality behind his deep delivery, but he doesn’t solely rely on this to turn heads and show off his skills because he is consistently pushing the boundary with new flows, different narratives, and visuals that are better than almost any rising talent out there.

Back in April, he dropped his second-ever mixtape entitled 2 Effortless, a follow-up to his debut project E for Effortless, and while these two projects gave me a taste of this rapper’s skillset, I am constantly hungry for more. Considering his April tape is still fresh in my head, I saw that he released a music video for the Coach Cam-produced record “Dutches”, and while this was one of my favorite songs on the project, the video really blew me away. E pretty much enjoys a lovely day in Kentucky with his homies, cruising around the streets, hanging out of windows, and then parking next to the river to get out and recite some bars.

What really got me in this one, though, was the transitions from scene to scene, because they are done so subtly yet impeccably well. Whether zooming out of different screens to get to the next scene or the camera is spinning around them to rotate into the next shot, there is never a dull edit, but E steals the show as always, making the Jordan Phillips and Ethan Dickens-directed video for “Dutches” a must-watch if you want to get in tune with Kentucky’s most exciting up-and-coming emcee.