Duress – [8485]

In a music landscape that is essentially attempting to move closer and closer to defining what the “ideal pop star” might look like in the future – and what that mold may come to be – it is almost a crime not to see the writing on the wall when it comes to how this figure will inevitably come to light. The most obvious place to look for this concept in motion is the underground pop scene as it stands, and considering that this scene is just about on the precipice of superstardom, there are plenty of acts to look at as fitting this idea tenfold. 


But no other act truly embodies the spirit of tried and true pop music than Candian standout 8485 — and to go even further than that, no other act manifests the future of pop than her in the process. She has proven this fact time and time again throughout this breakout year for her in the underground via her consistent, yet ever-dynamic cast of singles leading towards what will eventually be an eternally successful career due simply to her unmatched and unprecedented vocal talents and overall presence as a musical artist.


She has yet again cemented this fact in full with her most recent offering “Duress” — a Dyzphoria-produced track that yet again fully encapsulates her place as the ideal figure to lead her respective section of pop music.


Over a beat that is reminiscent of the internet-centric mid to late-2000s period in trance music, Eighty delivers yet another stunning performance on the mic as she pours her entire heart out from start to finish — never letting up for a single second with her unmatched vocal tone. Even at the track’s most laid back portions, she handles these segments in stride by matching their energy in such a fitting and appealing manner.


Though this track is certainly not what one would think of as an “atypical pop experience,” that is exactly the point of a song like this from an artist like her; it may not be the norm quite yet, but 8485 is shaping up to create the new norm moving forward, and she is practically just a few steps away from taking this status to the loftiest heights imaginable.