Durag vs Headband – [Action Bronson] ft. [Big Body Bes]

Action Bronson is one of my favorite artists for more reasons than I can explain. The imagery he uses throughout his rhymes, his creativity and his personality are just a few traits that make him stand out amongst the crowd of rappers today. He is also know to have crazy music videos that highlight these characteristics. His most recent visual is for a brand new song that he debuted on his Viceland television show “Fuck, That’s Delicious,” and it’s called “Durag vs Headband.” Although one of his more tame videos, he still brings some fire. With three different backdrops, one with Big Body Bes riding a white stallion, another with the duo in from of two old school Beemers and his last is just him and his crew made up of Mayhem Lauren, the Alchemist and Knxwledge in front of an ice cream truck, Tom Gould does a fantastic job directing this organized chaos. The hook is simple, with Bes saying “and when I die, spread my blood on a BMW.” To round out the whole visual, Bes has a skit like he typically does in Bronson songs, this time calling a friend to pick up his horse, claiming it got drunk on the train and started cursing people out. There’s a perfect amount of comedy and clever word play in this track, and it’s something that fans of any music genre can enjoy. Check out the visual for “Durag vs Headband” below.

words by Danny Adams