durag activity – [Baby Keem] & [Travis Scott]

Although Baby Keem seems like he can be as elusive as his cousin Kendrick Lamar, there’s never a single song that he drops that isn’t worth the wait. Whether it’s full of semi-comical lines that catch you by surprise or other bars that are as mysterious and abstract as he is, Keem never disappoints, in my opinion at least. Although his last project Die for My Bitch released way back in 2019, it still seems like a classic to me, and it’s a project that I revisit time and time again every week without growing even slightly tired of it.

Just last night, Keem decided to please fans once again for the first time since his March single “no sense” with the release of not only a new song called “durag activity” featuring Travis Scott produced by BRICK!, but an incredible new music video directed by Eliel Ford as well. Focusing mainly on the music video, it opens with a coastal view as a gentleman tries to outrun a group of individuals decked out in all-black suits who end up catching him and proceed to beat him up.

Although Keem isn’t one of the people partaking in the pounding, he is on the scene in the distance before hopping in a black car and zooming off, eventually outrunning the cops and jumping into a phone booth late at night as the fluorescent light beams down on him. Later on, after a few more activities, Keem shows up at a lavish house where he is ultimately captured and tied up along with La Flame.

While the gentlemen who captured them play cards, a group of lovely ladies who double as assassins end up surprising them and taking all of them out but the leader who they end up tying up and giving him the most unfavorable demise of the bunch. Considering all the moves that Keem seemed to make early on, it seems like he never once worried even slightly, remaining calm and cool while his crew took out the right people, eventually freeing up the scene for him and Travis to dance around and celebrate their tactics paying off.

As with almost any Baby Keem song you can think of, this record is incredible which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I wanted to focus mainly on the visual because as you ingest the video, you’ll hear just how smooth and almost sinister the song is as well, complementing the music video flawlessly. Considering Keem has been more active than normal in the past few months, I think it can only mean one thing, and that means that an album is on the way. While Keem himself might be the only one with any further specific information, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what is next for him. While we all patiently wait with bated breath, make sure you don’t miss out on Baby Keem and Travis Scott’s latest song “durag activity”.