Dupont Brass opens eyes to their coined genre with single “I Deserve It.”

I recently discovered Dupont Brass and their latest single, “I Deserve It,” and the discovery has become a standout in my music journey of 2023. This track is a blend of boom-bap, exceptional lyricism, amazing brass/horn accents, and harmonies that hit all the right notes.

Right from the start, the brass drew me in, showcasing the group’s mastery of their own genre, which they’ve coined as “Eclectic Soul” – a fusion of Jazz, Hip-Hop, and R&B. I’ve always been a sucker for the brass family of instruments; as both my uncle (a former Navy band member and small-midwestern town artist) showed me just how much they can change the feel of a piece at an incredibly young age, and my mother, consistently listened to jazz and showed me some of the best music I’d ever heard. The extra strength and well-roundedness gained from the addition of horns can make a track go from good to great, and it’s evident in “I Deserve It.”

This piece is more than just a song; it’s a motivational message for those who believe in working hard and enjoying the rewards of their labor. The lyrics resonate with the motivated, and it’s delivered with hints of both swagger and inspiration.

Dupont Brass’s journey from five Howard University music majors trying to raise tuition money during the Christmas season to a masterful nine-piece ensemble is impressive. They’ve performed at prestigious events like the D.C. Jazz Festival, The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, and The National Cannabis Festival, proving their dedication and talent. I can only assume their name and work will continue to grow with phenomenal work like this, both on the East Coast and much further beyond. As I go dive into more of Dupont Brass’ work, check out their most recent track “I Deserve It” below!