drunk texting my ex – [Savage Ga$p] ft. [MC Virgins]

Savage Ga$p is in no way, shape, or form new to the world of hip-hop but his constant efforts to try out different styles and sounds has me thinking that there is never a beat he can’t simply hop on and dominate. Although he might still be considered an underground artist, he has a massive cult fanbase that only continues to grow as he puts out more music, and his versatility is something that I believe contributes to his stock price rising day in and day out. Most recently, Ga$p teamed up with MC Virgins to release a brand-new song entitled “drunk texting my ex” as well as a blindlightco-directed music video that is an amazing accompaniment to the record.

Produced by Polearm, things open with an almost electronic-sounding melody that before the drums and percussion come in and pick up the tempo amazingly, making it a record you could vibe out to in a club just as easily as you could in your bedroom at home alone. Ga$p begins with a very cheery, upbeat, and impassioned delivery that is full of energy and personality. His vocals almost sound somewhat pitched-up which plays into the higher-pitched sounds in the instrumental, giving us a hook that you’re not going to soon forget.

After this MC Prophet and MC God, come in for a couple of quick verses that aren’t my favorite, to be completely honest, just because they seem to land somewhat flat and lack even a few vocal effects that would contribute well to these portions, but the flow and skill is there so I definitely can’t complain too much. After another amazing hook, the beat totally switches up and slows down for a much more candid foundation that shows off Ga$p’s dexterity once again.

In between a few parts from the underground phenom, we hear some contributions from MC Kudge and MC Wasian, two verses that work much better with this beat style because they’re able to show off some intricate cadences that work to their strengths, adding up to a song that you’re not going to want to miss out on. With that being said, you need to check out “drunk texting my ex” by Savage Ga$p and MC Virgins as soon as you can because it’s one of the most creative records you’ll hear all day.