Drunk & Alone/On Your Mind – [Pip Millett]

Prepare to add another name to your list of R&B vocalist who are making major waves in the growing scene. Pip Millett, the U.K. based R&B singer-songwriter has shared a two-pack of singles yesterday. The two new songs, “Drunk & Alone” and “On Your Mind” delve into love and the lonely and heartbreaking moments that plague those who suffer through ended relationships alone.  Speaking to this function, the first track revolves around a long distance relationship and the second, the feeling of missing someone who doesn’t miss you back. The new singles round up her discography on DSPs to a total of five songs, and as they all suggest,  Millett is highly-talented and ready to generate a larger audience of listeners off the strength of her voice alone. We look forward to hearing more from the U.K. based R&B singer in the future. Listen to the two new tracks from Pip Millett below and tell us what you think of the vocalist in the comment section!