Drowsy – [OHNO]

The West Coast isn’t just a place to go to if you want beautiful sceneries, killer food, or a good time. It is also home to some of the best artists in hip-hop, and what I love so much about that region is the fact that it is a place that seems to keep the underground alive. Even if there are some massive names from California, there is still a plethora of emcees who are grinding on their own terms, and they’re not going to let the mainstream media determine what kind of music they make, or how they make it.

While most of these artists won’t make it into the spotlight quite as some lucky emcees do, one person I truly think has a shot is OHNO, a Latino talent who has been on his grind for over a decade, and it is paying off massively thanks to over 40 million streams across all streaming platforms as well as over 37 million YouTube views and counting. He isn’t someone I’m overly familiar with, but I have gotten in tune with him pretty recently and I haven’t looked back since first getting acquainted with his awesome music.

Most recently, the homie sent through his latest release “Drowsy”, an upbeat yet sentimental offering from the Def Jam-affiliated phenom that now comes equipped with a Gavin Banksy-directed video, and it is seriously just too good to pass up. The Mynority and FATBOYRDEE-produced record actually serves as the opener to his recently released EP Sunshine In A Bag, but the video really takes things up a notch with some extremely clean shots and imaginative settings that really make OHNO pop.

Whether he hangs out in a classic diner, behind a mic on stage, or laying on the couch strumming his guitar, there is no shortage of lovely ladies, eye-catching outfits, or OHNO’s one-of-a-kind, laidback charisma that has made his fanbase, known as the Good Kids Club, grow exponentially. I am definitely a huge fan of the music I’ve heard from OHNO so far, and while I have to get more in tune with his EP, this song is an all-out hit, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store moving forward.