DROWN U – [8485]

With limitless influences comes heightened versatility. This is a mantra that has been showcased so consistently by the next wave of online musicians at this very moment. They are taking everything and anything that may influence them – whether it be through individualized nostalgia or the newest of genres – and are applying that to their own artistry to give their own nuanced spin on that exact source of inspiration. 

Among the most unabashedly versatile acts to surround our modern landscape as mentioned before is 8485 — an incredibly gifted performer who has proven to give a high number of takes on an equal amount of inspirations and/or musical interests that she has had to this point. In doing so, she has carved out a place for herself as one of the most original artists within that same landscape in its entirety, despite how contradictory that may seem on the outset. 

But her originality bursts out in droves when examining how exactly she utilizes her influences in transforming them in a never-before-seen-manner. This is a notion presented in the fullest regard imaginable on her latest single “DROWN U” — a decisively swift take on the oft-neglected era of alternative rock and post-grunge throughout the 2000s.

Telebasher’s authentic, yet modernized instrumental provides the ideal setting for 8485 to hit the mic with, and that she does with the utmost force and commanding presence. Her performance here is, again, just as reminiscent of the era she is taking inspiration from as it is cloaked with a contemporary guise all the same. From the passages that leave her vocals relatively untouched for that raw feeling of years past, right down to the far more melodic bridge section as the track winds down, Eighty makes an incredible case for all of these past descriptions to come to light in the most vivid manner possible.

What this track exemplifies more than anything else is how equipped 8485 is to be the pop star of the future — someone who can reach audiences of millions no matter what their interests might be. She truly has something for everyone, and nothing she does is anything less than stellar whatsoever. No one can quite put their all into practically everything and anything that they do quite as well as she can, and it is tracks like this that prove this sentiment in full.