Drought – [Show Me The Body]

Admittedly, we don’t usually cover anything much like Show Me The Body on Lyrical Lemonade, but there’s something too special here not to talk about. Maybe it’s the ingrained character of hardcore music, rooted in raw instrumentation and outwardly-bursting energy. Maybe it’s the cult following that tends to rally behind hardcore bands, following their every step as they continue spreading their message. Or maybe it’s the sheer energy of the music itself, strong enough to run through a wall or, in most cases, incite some of the best mosh pits around. Regardless of what attracts your eye, there’s no denying that Show Me The Body needs to talked about, especially with their brand new music video for “Drought.”

Asking fans from all over to paint the band’s logo onto essentially any canvas they see fit, “Drought” is a music video derived from undying support. In rap, artists often go viral without ever catching any sort of tangible fame, so to see bands like SMTB embrace such an impactful wave of fans is simply inspirational. The “Drought” music video is physical evidence that the band has captured the voice of a community, and between the quality of the music and the buzz around the group, this dedicated fanbase will only continue to grow.

That said, there’s something profoundly interesting about the blueprint that Show Me The Body has created, especially in contrast with a lot of what’s happening in hip-hop right now. Accordingly so, whether you’re into hardcore music or not, I highly recommend that all of our readers take the “Drought” music video for a spin. Beyond the music, there’s something truly special going on here.