Drop The Top – [Swoopy] x [Buffalobang]

Arguably the greatest facet of modern music as a whole is its ever-so-seamless nature. The music world’s current-day landscape sees its artists with the freest reign to do whatever they please in a variety of styles — something that not only elevates their creativity from a baseline perspective, but also lets them meld, twist, and transform already-existing genres into completely nuanced forms. 

When it comes down to it, however, only the most talented acts can accomplish this in as swift of a fashion as can be. That is where the Boysnightsout duo of Swoopy and Buffalobang enter as two examples of acts who transcend the idea of “talent” — these are two artists who have done more than their contemporaries could ever do in diversifying the sounds of pop, hip-hop, and electronic music for years on end now. 

Their recent single together “Drop The Top” is yet another example of them doing exactly that, but this time around, things are just that much more interesting and untapped. What this single brings is a tasteful blend of house and pop music alike; it’s a track that stands completely on its own for this reason entirely, and to say these two deliver on such an intriguing premise would be selling such an amazing track like this entirely short. 

A frequent collaborator on production for these two, Scary’s instrumental here sets the scene perfectly with its bright and colorful synth leads and bouncy house rhythm. It’s a beat so ideally suited for a blissful summer party, or really any celebration for that matter. Combine that with Swoopy and Buffalobang’s sunshine-appreciating lyrics here, and you get a track that does the absolute most in being a smash for that season in particular.

Both of their respective vocal performances here are equally as fitting for the aforementioned setting. Swoopy’s memorable chorus is an earworm to say the least, just oozing with vivid pop stylistics in the way that it bounces with the addicting rhythm. Their grooving verse that follows artfully contrasts with Buffalobang’s much more solemn and calmed passage of their own; both of these portions create a dynamic presence about this track that it truly begged for from the outset. The end product is exactly that as a result: a masterful summertime cut that just proves how exceptional these two are in the art of genre-blending and atmosphere creating through music all the same.