Dripstyle – [Roy French] (A Lyrical Lemonade Exlusive)

The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here, the talk of the city, Roy French, is here with brand spanking new video, Dripstyle.  Now, when watching a Roy French video you can just about always expect something fun and outlandish, right? Right.  Well, today we get just that, whether it be Roy jumping through the CTA train, or cameos from Taylor Bennett & Supa Bwe, it is safe to say that this video holds quite an abundance of splashy fun.  Also, you might catch a glimpse of some Lyrical Lemonade gear throughout this video.  It would be no lie to state that Roy French is the future, so take this video as an introduction and get in tune with the Drip God himself, below.

Directed by G-Q Visuals & Cole Bennett