Dribble – [Sycco]

Brisbane native and 18-year-old known as Sycco makes a fashionable entrance to our pages today with the release of her brand new single titled “Dribble.” The young artist combines infectious pop melodies with her calming vocals, creating a mesmerizing feeling that leaves listeners wanting more. With mass amounts of new music every week, this song serves as a refreshment and a breath of fresh air for music loves around the world. Sycco noted that “this track was written in four hours” and that “Ed, the producer, and I were tired and hungover which maybe explains why it sounds a little dark.” Although the production may come across a bit darker than usual, this still feels like a summer song that you can cruise to with the windows down. In addition to the song itself, Sycco delivered a simple, yet phenomenal video to accompany what can be argued as her best release so far. Be sure to press play below and follow Sycco on Instagram and Twitter for more!