Dreams – [Gabriel Jacoby]

Upcoming Anderson, South Carolina artist Gabriel Jacoby graces the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his new video for “Dreams.” This is one of the more intriguing videos and singles I’ve heard from an independent artist this year. The record itself sounded like something out of the late 90s when the nu-metal wave was running ramped. That being said, we don’t hear sounds like those anymore, and this may sound cliché, but it’s actually refreshing. Gabriel grew up quickly in the face of complicated family dynamics. As the oldest of 7, he was accustomed to taking matters into his own hands. This sense of independence and empowerment is evident in his music. “Who I am is not based on any type of ego,” Gabriel says. “I was raised in the ghettos of South Carolina and Florida with kids who grew up to be gangsters, and I am who I am because of those experiences. I’m at the center of everything I do and create, and everything I do is unique to me.” His ability to create narratives with his music and aesthetic will carve out a niche for him in this industry if Gabriel is able to be consistent with his sound.

Watch Gabriel Jacoby’s new visuals for his single “Dreams.” after the break.