Dreamers Valley – [Ashoka]

There’s nothing more special than finding an intentional body of work that reminds you once again why we do what we do as writers. Ultimately, we’re here to support the cream of the crop of the underground and that’s exactly what’s brought us here again today. Despite all of the noise, Ashoka’s “Dreamers Valley” has broken through the sound barrier and he’s got 11 exceptional songs to prove it. Masterfully crafted with heavy-hitting productions, tasteful features, and memorable flows, “Dreamers Valley” is alternative hip-hop at its finest and the nods from some of the space’s most exciting names (Deante’ Hitchcock and Femdot) only solidifies what we already knew after our first listen.

Given that it feels a bit unfair to solo out a single song off the whole project, right now my favorites throughout the first few months of rocking with “Dreamers Valley” have been “PAINT”, “Cloverdale Drive” and “Questions” featuring Chicago’s own, Femdot. Towards the back half of the project, we see standout records with the likes Virginia’s Miah, Atlanta rapper Phay, and the one and only Ye Ali, which deserve an ample amount of flowers as well. A project undoubtedly made with a lot of love and thoughtful storytelling, “Dreamers Valley” gives us a glimpse into the mind and experiences of Ashoka who recaps his highs and lows so eloquently throughout the 11 songs. Be sure to check it out below!