drama queen – [angelus]

This year we have seen a great number of artists rise up from the undergrounds built on discord and take over the mainstream in a major way. If you’re not somebody who has tapped in with the genre known loosely as hyperpop or digicore up until now, there’s no doubt you’ve heard its influence across all popular genres. One standout from this scene is angelus, who has always been at the forefront of the boundary-pushing genre that continues to blossom. Being an artist who never felt like they fit in their surroundings, the community built online over the last year has allowed artists to flourish in ways that weren’t previously available. If one thing is clear, it’s that angelus is unapologetically themselves and this shines through everything they create.

Back at the start of 2020, I covered angelus as being a unique voice with an immaculate ability for production. Since then, they’ve only continued to evolve into the beast we see today. At only 17 years old, angelus has already shown a lot of what they’re capable of by proving they’re one of the focal points in a groundbreaking new genre. The past year has seen the genre grow from something odd, intriguing, and new to becoming one of the dominating sounds of music today. It has been incredible to see the artists at the forefront of this new horizon being praised adequately for their creative talents. Since the beginning, angelus is one name that has been had their fingerprints on a lot of the most popular artists so it is amazing to finally be able to listen to their proper full-length introduction.

Earlier this week angelus dropped their highly anticipated debut album drama queen. At nine tracks in length, we get a true sampling of the creative genius that lies within angelus’ brain. One of the project’s singles “gossip girls” was a strong indicator that angelus would be bringing their all into their debut album and that they did. From the first song “jealousy” you are transported to another planet to fully immerse yourself in the world angelus creates. It’s a nice place, but you are stuck on a wild ride for the remainder of drama queen experiencing all that comes from angelus’ mind. There’s a little bit of everything on this project, moments that make you slow down to reflect or beats that make you want to headbang till your neck is broken. We also get to see a glimpse of angelus’ making powerful pop ballads like “obsessed” or the more uptempo “sins”. There really is something for everybody on this album, getting to see a glimpse of the creative powerhouse that is angelus.

In addition to the album, a video was just released today to accompany the standout intro track “jealousy” and the wildly popular single “gossip girls”, this is one of angelus’ first videos filmed throughout Paris showing off what a day in the life of a popstar is all about. If you’ve been a fan of angelus, you know everything they’ve done up to this point has been very DIY and it’s only a matter of time before the French superstar in the making finds their way to the States and begin their takeover of another country’s airwaves. I highly recommend you listen to dram queen in its intended order, immerse yourself in angelus’ world and discover why they are destined to be one of the next to make it big out of the underground.

Listen to drama queen on all platforms here and watch the video for “jealousy” below!