DRAIN STORY – [bladee]

As far as trailblazers go, bladee is one of the most influential people that this industry has seen in possibly the history of underground music. I’m not sure if his foreign roots created a different perspective or taste, or if he is just one of those unique minds, but I think there could be a mixture of both with an emphasis on the latter. As hyperpop became a more prominent subgenre, it seems like he was looked at in a similar light as the way Chief Keef is often quoted by artists of all different varieties as an influence, because these hyperpop stars all seemed to admire and appreciate bladee as well as the rest of Drain Gang.

2022 has already been a busy year for the Swedish star after putting out a handful of singles and a collaborative album with fellow Drain Gang member and longtime collaborator Ecco2k called Crest, but as we get full swing into the second half of the year, he is ramping up to finish strong, per usual. This will take shape as his project Spiderr is set to drop on September 30th, and in order to get some momentum going once again, he dropped his brand-new Whitearmor-produced single “DRAIN STORY” earlier today.

This track is as ambient, imaginative, and out of the box as his music always ends up being, but there is just something about his artistry that makes me ponder originality as a whole every single time. This remains consistent in the music video that Ecco2k directed as well because although his visuals are often lower-budget and shot in a more run-and-gun style, they seem to bring light to the wistfulness and cloudy aesthetic of his music.

This flick certainly continues this streak, but there is a recording technique used to make it feel like every scene is filmed from a car in the distance zooming past the tenured emcee. Maybe that’s exactly how they filmed, or maybe there is some other method that I’m not familiar with, but it added a captivating spin on things without a doubt. If you are prone to motion sickness or have some level of vertigo, this one may be tough to watch, but if not, I would certainly recommend checking out the latest video single from the Swedish legend when you get the chance.