Dragonball Durag – [Thundercat]

Although Thundercat might be considered to be in a genre other than Rap or Hip-Hop music, his sound and talent seeps into all different subsets within the industry. He has worked with an array of artists including rappers, funk legends, and producers among others, and brings his own panache to the mix with every single person he collaborates with. His skills on the bass guitar transcend most artistic abilities in the industry today, and I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why he has made such an impact in the world of music, separating himself from the rest of the pack.

Along with everything I previously stated, he’s never been one to release a typical song that fits perfectly into one genre or another. His latest release “Dragonball Durag”, is another single off of his upcoming album It is What it is and is a truly soulful offering. Along with some co-production from a friend and reoccurring collaborator Flying Lotus, a chill and laid-back vibe sets the scene. This is emphasized by subdued boom-bap percussion, saxophone riffs, and intricate, skillful bass chords. The vocals are higher-pitched, and the lyrics are somewhat in line with a classic love song. I would say it’s completely in line, but Thundercat has the ability to incorporate comical bars into what comes off as a more serious and passionate song. There are examples of this throughout, but one of the funniest things I heard was in reference to him being covered in cat hair but still managing to smell good for his lady.

After hearing the first couple of singles off of his upcoming album, I couldn’t be more excited for the entire cohesive project. His skills are unmatched in this day and age, and his ability to bring older generations together with younger generations and create a basis for perfect chemistry is truly unmatched by anyone else. “Dragonball Durag” seems like a comedic take on an otherwise traditional love song, as he speaks about getting down with his girl while wearing his durag. I guess it takes a special person to view this as a romantic gesture, but I think it’s hilarious as well as a very appealing song. Be sure to check out Thundercat’s latest single below which you continue to anticipate his upcoming album.

Words by Danny Adams