DR. SUESS – [Ski Mask the Slump God]

Only a little bit of time has passed since Ski Mask the Slump God released his long-awaited and highly praised mixtape Sin City, and fans aren’t even close to done raving about it. While I myself am a fan of it without a doubt, I do think that I need to continue to listen for quite some time before I can truly appreciate it in all of its glory. When I last checked in, Ski had just dropped off his spectacular visual for his song “ADMIT IT”, and it was a very unique video that played well with the overall theme of his project. At the end of that video, though, there was a message signifying the fact that this storyline was to be continued, so I knew the fun wasn’t even coming close to stopping there.

Luckily, we pick up right where we left off with his latest video for his song “DR. SUESS” which was also directed by Rock and Egg, and Ski just keeps on crossing names off of his hit list in the black and white (with a hint of red) world he lives in. Zooming around the city in his car, he pulls up at various different places to finish the job he has been working on slowly but surely. First up is a dapper-looking gentleman who snorts a line of coke off of a table before Ski cuts the lights, sneaking in and finishing this job as quickly as can be.

Next, we’re taken to a boxing gym where two huge guys bare-knuckle box in the ring. One of them eventually knocks the other out before Ski shows up to hand a weight to the winning boxer who happens to be his accomplice, ultimately using the weight to finish the job once and for all. Finally, the boss of all bosses is all the way hidden throughout an intricate and well-protected abandoned warehouse. As Ski makes his way throughout the building while showing off his impressive ninja-like skills, he eventually gets to the man known as the mask. While the mask has his girl hostage, Ski doesn’t let this affect his actions as he finishes off the mask and crosses off the final name on his list, speeding off into the distance now that the job is complete.

Both this flick and the previous visual were two of the best music videos I’ve seen in quite some time, and that’s saying a lot. I’m just a sucker for a plot, and when I knew there was a continuation of the first video on the way, I was on the edge of my seat waiting. While neither of them probably makes total sense with the songs that were brought to life, the theme fits perfectly with the overarching idea of the mixtape itself, so I totally get the vision and appreciate the execution. I don’t think Ski is going to be done having fun with this project anytime soon, so while we wait and see what other tricks he has up his sleeve, don’t miss out on the brand-new music video for “DR. SUESS”.