Dr. Philvinci – [RealYungPhil]

From 454 to Cochise, 2021 provided listeners with a heavy serving of futuristic and iconoclastic hip-hop artists that actively serve to push the genre’s boundaries. 2022 continues this trend with Connecticut rapper RealYungPhil, who returns this month with his first project of 2022, Dr. Philvinci. I’ll be honest, I’m not as tapped into CT’s scene as perhaps I should be, but I was hooked the moment I heard “Everything We Need”‘s YANDHI sample (or JIK, depending on who you ask). Featuring production from Phil’s longtime NY collaborator Evilgiane, Dr. Philvinci is a strong entry into RealYungPhil’s already decorated discography. The project’s production is ethereal and electronic, bathing Dr. Philvinci‘s fifteen tracks with high speed and psychedelic mixes bursting at the seams with explosive samples, electronic vocals, and carefully-crafted raps. Joined by a host of artists from Lord Nobel to 1600j – Dr. Philvinci is the perfect project for listeners that like to keep their ears to the ground. With more music planned for the near future, this may be your last opportunity to be an early fan of RealYungPhil, so be sure to check out Dr. Philvinci before it’s too late.

Check out Dr. Philvinci: