Downtown 81 – [Roc Marciano] x [Jake One]

New York hip-hop legend Roc Marciano recently released an iconic new Jason Goldwatch visual for his song “Downtown 81,” produced by Jake One. The music video is the first off Marciano’s new album Mt. Marci, which can currently exclusively be purchased through his website. Taking inspiration from Japanese culture, Goldwatch incorporates a 90’s esque video effect to reflect the year of 1981. The song title  mirrors the 2001 feature film “Downtown 81,” which starred the legendary late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as he basked the lively downtown NY art and music scene of 1980-1981.

Unsurprisingly, Roc Marciano weaves clever lyricism to emphasize the motif of the number eighty-one. For instance, Marciano references Kobe Bryant’s famous 81 point game against Toronto in 2006: “Made your ankle roll, did you dirty like Kobe did Jalen Rose.” Moreover, Roc flexes his Gucci frames and states that they were made in ’81, followed by a bonus acknowledgement that he’s driving 81 mph in a flashy Mercedes-Benz. Before this line, Marciano states that “the all white Alfa Romeo looks like yayo,” giving off his best Tony Montana impression. Although this fact wasn’t mentioned in the record, it is worth noting that the international dialing code of Japan is +81!  Jake One’s sleek production matches the sheer slickness of Roc, as Marciano once more proves that he can make anything look cool. Peep the visual for “Downtown 81” below!