Double Up – [9lokknine]

9lokknine has come such a long way over the past few years since haters claimed he was a knockoff Kodak Black. While it seems like he has yet to make it completely into the mainstream, it almost seems as if he enjoys that bit of underground status because he can say or do what he wants without random listeners getting in an uproar about some violent or risqué lyrics. Aside from this as well, he also seems to utilize some of the most unique and interesting beats in the entire industry, constantly keeping fans on their toes while reminding us that he can flow effortlessly on any instrumental that gets placed in front of him.

Although I never really know if I should expect projects or strictly loosies from the Florida phenom, I’ll take anything and everything that I can get from him because he never ceases to make a hit, at least in my opinion. Just the other day, 9lokk teamed up with Yakree who produced this record for him, using a bouncy drumline, some interesting and upbeat synths of some sort, and crispy, chattering percussion that provides a somewhat simplistic foundation for 9lokknine to go absolutely crazy showing off his trademark personality and even more vigorous flows.

When he comes in, it seems like he doesn’t even need to take a breath because he just naturally knows exactly what he wants to say and how he’s going to say it, letting the lyrics roll right off of his tongue in the most unforced, impressive fashion I could have ever expected. About halfway through, a playful flute comes into the picture for a nice change of pace, yet this doesn’t disturb 9lokk’s flow even slightly as he continues on to finish off this strong offering once and for all.

Once again, I never really know if we should expect this song to be a single from an upcoming project or if it’s just a random track that he had to release, but either way, I have zero complaints. He even teamed up with director AlleFilmz for a music video that is definitely fun and entertaining, but the record itself is definitely the part of this release that caught my eye more than anything else. While 9lokknine seems to never miss, at least in my eyes, “Double Up” is another banger that he has added to his already impressive repertoire, so make sure you take some time to check it out today if you haven’t already.